High-speed machine vision systems will assist monitoring of future space flights

13 09 2011

I watched the National Geographic documentary on Space Shuttle Challenger disaster a few weeks back. One thought that crossed my mind was that the investigation committee discovered some visual anamolies after the disaster took place. Visual cues such as the smoke emanating from the right booster during liftoff, or the flame that appeared on the right booster at around the 59 seconds point were all discovered after the disaster. Could the crew have been saved had we had sufficiently capable machine vision systems monitoring real-time footage streaming from the hundreds of cameras on the launch facility?

Flame on right booster of Challenger (at ~60 seconds)

I believe that not too many years from now, we will have computer vision systems that will monitor the footage from all the cameras (in real-time) being used during a space launch, and these machines will flag any anomalies to humans for their immediate review. It might, for example, be possible to activate the escape system for the crew in the event that a human determines that an anomaly flagged by the vision system represents material threat to the safety of the human crew.


Watching someone apply lipstick in MBA class ~^o^~

13 09 2011

The whole sight was so cute. I observed this pretty girl a few times during the DMD (Data, Models, and Decisions) class today. She doesn’t have a mathematical background and was least interested in the famous AOG case we were discussing with so much interest. She looked bored and perhaps a little concerned too. Later into the class, the professor started discussing the lovely topic of probability, and I looked at her again, and she looked even more concerned.

Sometime later, the professor stopped as we had run out of time, and I looked at her again. Lol, she was already busy applying a nice, reddish lipstick! I found this so cute :). It was like she was thinking, “I don’t care about or understand this probability thing, but how exactly does my lipstick look?”!

Eagerly looking forward to the trip to Huangshan (“Yellow Mountain”) that starts tomorrow!

9 09 2011

Some photos of Huangshan (“Yellow Mountain”) from Wikipedia. Reminds me of my unforgettable trip to Drakensberg (“the Dragon Mountains”). Eagerly looking forward…

Happy that Carol Bartz has been fired from Yahoo!

7 09 2011

Today morning brought some delightful news – the firing of Carol Bartz as the CEO of Yahoo. I’ve hated her ever since she got the job at Yahoo. I’ve hated her for having the arrogance to accept the job offer at Yahoo, when it was clear, even to her, that she was not equipped for this company.

Yahoo needs someone who understands Yahoo’s platforms and products, and technology. I’ve held a strong belief to this day that only David Filo and Jerry Yang really understood and understand Yahoo and its competitors, most notably Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

David Filo and Jerry Yang, the only true Yahoos!

An eye-opening look at what I’m paying for each day of my MBA!

5 09 2011

My MBA program, S3 Asia MBA, will cost me about INR 3 million [INR 30 lakhs], including tuition, accommodation, food, travel, and other expenses, but not including the interest that I’ll pay for all of this money.

While there is no doubt in the mind of anyone that INR 3 million is an insanely large amount of money, a few months back I looked at this amount from a different perspective, and I think that perspective brings out the bigness of this amount better.

There are 487 days from 1-Sep-11 to 31-Dec-12 [according to Wolfram|Alpha]. Since I started for Shanghai on 26-Aug-11, adding another 6 days of August makes for a total of 493 days. Let’s divide INR 3 million by 493 days, and the resulting figure is a whopping INR 6,085 per day!

Over INR 6,000 per day for my MBA! I should utilize my time better, isn’t it? 😛

Update [18-Dec-12]: Realized in Jul’12 that this number doesn’t include the opportunity cost!

Record of documentaries, movies, etc., watched by me in China

1 09 2011

Unlike the list I maintain on Blogger, in this list I’m gonna write a unified verbal comment/rating, and no numerical rating.

  1. NatGeo – Seconds From Disaster – Amsterdam Air Crash (Schiphol Plane Crash) (Plane Crash in the Suburbs) (27-Aug-11; Tohee, Shanghai; Alone) (Another good documentary on airplane crashes that both engages you and teaches you new concepts.)

Back to the classroom after over 3 years, and how I feel about it!

30 08 2011

Today I entered a classroom after a gap of over 3 years! I felt so, so good :). It was just like entering my class at Delhi College of Engineering (something I did rarely :P). When I left DCE, I had never thought that I would enter a classroom again, as a student.

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